Basic Information for Foreigners

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What is e-Student Service?

e-Študentski Servis (e-Student Service) is an employment agency which mediates temporary and part-time work to high-school and university students.

You can work via Student Service if you have student status in Slovenia (if you are a foreign citizen and you study in Slovenia) or if you are doing your practice or studies as a part of an international exchange programmes in Slovenia.

FOR REGISTERING  in e-Student Service you need:

  • identity document (passport or ID),
  • slovenian bank account number,
    Slovenian tax ID number (issued by any tax administration office anywhere in Slovenia),
  • enrolment certificate of a Slovenian educational institution; if you are a part of the student exchange program, you need the international student card (issued by ŠOU Ljubljana, Pivovarniška 6, 1000 Ljubljana) or Erasmus certificate or IAESTE,
  • foreigners and non-residents need to fill-in the statement for non-residents and submit eventual proofs or certificates.

Work is based on the work referral forms, which you get in our office before you start work. After the work is finished your employer returns filled-in, sealed and signed referral. You get transferred all the income without delay in the moment the company pays the invoice. For the companies with good credit ranking, we even pay you in advance, before the company pays the invoice.

If a student is paid 4.73 EUR per hour, 4.00 EUR are transferred to their current account (net amount), the difference of 0.73 EUR is deducted as the contribution for the pension and disability insurance. 

Even foreign students will be deducted the amount of 15.5 % for the pension and disability insurance. In case that a foreign student is already included in the compulsory pension and disability insurance on any other basis and that they prove it before the student referral is issued with an appropriate certificate of a foreign institution, which should not be older than 30 days, the stated amount will not be deducted.

All the information about job vacancies with the contact details of potential employers is available in a web application called e-office. E-office is your personal web office which is available at anytime and from anywhere.


On this webpage, you can enter e-office »e-poslovalnica, where you log in with your user name (e-mail) and password, which is sent to your email address, when you sign up to our student work service.

Within the e-office you may:

  • order student referrals,
  • check deposits,
  • search free positions ...


The non-residents of the Republic of Slovenia are deducted 22.5% of each deposit for the purposes of the prepayment of income tax. In case there is a signed treaty of the avoidance of double taxation with the country of your origin, the prepayment can be refunded. To find information about which countries fall under this rule, it is best to turn to the tax administration office.

For the tax refund you need (non-resident):

  • enrolment certificate,
  • proof that you are a resident of the country of your origin (acquired in your country),
  • KIDO 12 (printed in the offices of e-Študentski Servis after the deposit has been made to your bank account).

These three documents must be taken/sent to the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, which then, after the consideration of the application, refunds the money to your bank account. The tax prepayment is not refunded to the non-residents, who have enrolled on the faculty after the age of 26.


The tax administration office issues the order if you are a resident of the Republic of Slovenia or not based on the Determination of the Residency Status.

If the form is accepted and you are a resident of the Republic of Slovenia, you bring the form to e-Študentski Servis.


High-school and university students who have passed medical check-up during schooling (“sistematski pregled”) and work on non-risky workplaces do not need an extra medical examination.  If they have not passed medical check-up during schooling (“sistematski pregled”) and they work in jobs where there is greater risk of accidents, they will need the extra medical examination just like other employed workers. More information: