Information for Foreigners


You don't need any registration or log in to cooperate with us. The procedure is completely simple. We just need basic information about your company:

  • name of the company or organisation,
  • tax identification number of the company,
  • address of the company or organisation,
  • contact person,
  • telephone number or. mobile,
  • e-mail.

For your records of students/pupils, we recommend you to use e-office »e-poslovalnica za podjetja« - it is free of charge.

To start using it, you fill in the form to get a password (PDF).


Payment (transferring money in advance, informing)

We are trying very hard at e-Studentski Servis for our students and pupils to receive the entire sum of money right after they finish their work.

We transfer the money in advance to students before the company pays the invoice for more than 90 % of earnings in 100 % of their money worth (this is for the companies with good credit rank). That means that the student/pupil receives his/her earning on the same day or at latest, the next day after we receive the filled-in referral form from the company/organisation.

Employer has to put the gross hourly fee for student on the referral or on the “calculation of hours” document.

Learn how much the minimum legal hourly rate is.

The student service (employment agency) has to deduct 15.5 % of student’s earnings as pension and disability insurance and their student work is counted into pension qualifying period. Calculate earnings of student/pupil here (ignore field amount on the invoice with VAT).

The easiest way to calculate the hours for earnings of student/pupil is in the programme (e-office) e-poslovalnica za podjetja.

The referral is the legal basis for doing student work, so you always have to order it before the work starts. This is very important because otherwise the work counts as undeclared work (illegal) and in the case of labour inspection – both, the student and the employer, are punished. The fines for such offences are high.

The referral for the student/pupil can also be ordered by the employer.

For ordering a referral we need following information:

  • surname and name of the member (student, pupil),
  • birth date,
  • name of the employer,
  • where the member will perform work,
  • type of work and starting date for the work.

To enrol into our student service (to become a member) the student or pupils needs:

  • personal/identity document
  • personal account number
  • tax number
  • declaration of status of a high school or university student (school enrolment declaration/student card with valid sticker (1. and 2. page) for current school/study year)

Also pupils from primary/elementary school, who are 15 years old and will become secondary school pupils in current year, can perform student work.


  • student referral (English) = študentska napotnica (Slovenian) = the legal basis for doing student work (a simple form of student working contract)
  • e-office = our e-office for companies = a very simple and useful programme for submitting student job vacancies, calculation of hours and earnings for students, for ordering referrals, etc.